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Our industry knowledge and persistence assures the vitality of carefully-selected manufacturers in the marketplace.

Acuity Brands

Roadway, parking lots, commercial and decorative lighting products. American Electric Lighting Dark To Light Photocontrols Antique Streetlamps Lithonia Lighting Tersen Brands of AEL Holophane Visit site.

Central Moloney, Inc.

Single phase-distribution, subway, pole-type & padmount transfomers, wildlife guards, switching products, and bushings. Visit site.

CG Power Systems USA

Power transformers from 10 MVA to 500 MVA. Visit site.

CMT Poles

Leading manufacturer of composite structures and decorative poles. Visit site.

CG Power Systems Canada

Three phase-distribution transformers up to 5 MVA, power transformers from 5 MVA to 500 MVA, 500 kV and below, mobile transformers. Visit site.

Curlee Machinery Company

Aluminum streetlights, brackets and arms. Visit site.

DCD Design

Cable installation tools. Visit site.

Flagpoles, Inc.

Decorative and roadway aluminum poles and brackets. Visit site.

Huskie Tools, Inc.

Precision hydraulic compression and cutting tools. Visit site.

Initechtools, Inc.

Compact loadbreak tools.

Oklahoma Design Tech

Innovated products for supporting poles and lighting equipment. Veri-T-Pol and Ver-T-Lift. Visit site.

SDP Manufacturing, Inc.

EZ Hauler easement equipment specialists. Visit site.


Serving the entire product, system and solution business for the power distribution infrastructure of residential, commercial, industrial and utility markets.  

Smart Grid Solutions

E-Scout F1-3A fault indicators. Visit site.

Southwire Company

Transmission and distribution cable. Visit site.

Speed Systems, Inc.

Tools and accessories for installing power cable systems. Visit site.

Trayer Engineering Corporation

Electrical distribution switchgear. Visit site.

Union Metal

Decorative and roadway aluminum poles. Visit site.